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Kankaan sauna has its own café with a permit to serve alcohol, where you can grab a sauna beer after the steam or just stop by to enjoy the atmosphere with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. We will serve you with a smile from the midst of the log stack!

In our café you will find various savory and sweet delicacies that you can come to enjoy even without taking a steam in the sauna. We want to offer our customers authentic flavors made from high-quality ingredients, which is why our café’s selection consists of products from local small producers.

We try to support local producers and favor locally produced goods. Our coffee comes from Papu Paahtimo and tea from Teeleidi. Our honey is a real local gem, as it comes from Sahinaho’s beehives only a few hundred meters from our sauna. Our alcohol selection also includes products from local microbreweries.

Please note that it is forbidden to bring your own drinks and food to the Kankaan sauna.